tanja maria brand

tanja maria brand



A creative Internet Programming position that requires the development of innovative web sites and the maximization of the multimedia potential of the internet as well as the ability to stay on the cutting edge of web technology.



A result-oriented University Graduate with highly developed internet skills who successfully improved customer relations and communication by designing and programming user-friendly web applications. Major strengths in implementing problem-solving techniques resulting in cost and time saving procedures as well as income generating measures in applying interactive web applications and purchasing systems on web pages.



Windows Platform:

  • ¬ Internet: ASP, Java (Server Pages / Servlets / Applets), CGI, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, XML / XSLT, ColdFusion / CFM, Ruby
    ¬ Software: VB, Java Applications, Pascal
    ¬ Database: MS Access, MS SQL 7/2000, MySQL, ColdFusion MX, MongoDB
    ¬ Tools/administration: MS IIS 5/6, HP Interwoven TeamSite, Omniture Analytics, Deque FireEyes

  • Linux Platform:
    ¬ Internet: Java (Server Pages / Servlets / Applets), CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, XML / XSLT
    ¬ Software: Java Applications, Pascal, ihone
    ¬ Database: MySQL, mSQL, PostGres
    ¬ Tools/administration: Apache, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Interwoven TeamSite
  • Application authoring for the web:
    ¬ Macromedia Flash



Central 1 Credit Union (April 2008 - current)

Central financial facility / trade association for the credit union systems

Web Developer / Interactive Design team

Web Developer / Product Development (Payments and Finance team)

Core product support, client site online banking enhancements, and iPhone application integration.

Reinvent Technology (2007 - March 2008)

Global Media Company, owned by The Man Who Owns the Internet

Web Developer

Part of the team, in charge of Shopping and Real Estate listings system.


THEmedia communications (1996 - 2007)

Full-Service Integrated Multimedia Development Company

Senior Internet Programmer



Searchable Book Database (Oxford University Press Canada)

Successfully implemented a searchable on-line database of over 20,000 books and electronic products.

On-Line Bookstore (Oxford University Press Canada)

Introduced an innovative shopping cart concept which is platform and browser independent without the need of accessing client-state cookies thus making the purchase process faster, more secure and user-friendly.

Maintenance Engines / CMS

Equipped websites with password-protected intranets generating HTML-pages through interactive forms which allowed customers to take care of their own site maintenance and updates without having to write any code.

Virtual Entertainment (IG Publications / Visitor's Choice magazine)

Programmed a Virtual Postcard system, a server-push slideshow, roll-over photo credits, a 240-picture photo album and rotating banner ads thus securing a $60,000 web contract.


iSTAR internet inc. (1995 - 1996)

Canada's First National Internet Service Provider

Web Publishing Assistant

Internal Website (intranet) set up

Accelerated the integration process and improved interoffice communications by developing a searchable password-protected on-line database with over 500 staff listings.

The Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Designed and programmed interactive form script to forward the information directly to Investor Relations while establishing legal verification of the user and returning a receipt page to significantly accelerate the Employee Share Ownership Plan application process.

To enable employees to make immediate decisions in regards to the Employee Share Ownership Plan, programmed a Return-On-Investment calculator.


Wimsey Information Services, Inc. (1994-1996)

Canada's Oldest and Largest Internet Service Provider

Domain Name Registrar/Web Publishing Assistant

Domain Name Registrations

Introduced on-line tables to display Domain Name status of various ongoing applications to improve speed and accuracy of information upon customer inquiry.

Wimsey Website maintenance

Achieved making the Helpdesk pages a more customer friendly and easier to read environment by redesigning all 34 Helpdesk webpages.



Complete list available on request

Computer Science program at Hagen University, Germany (2003 - 2006)

Perl Training (Wimsey, 1995/1996)

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced HTML Training (Wimsey, 1995)

Training in UNIX and Linux operating systems (Wimsey, 1995)

Graphic Design, Introduction to Macintosh (UBC, 1988)

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany: Teaching Degree in Fine Arts, French and Spanish (1987)


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